Emotions of colour

Feelings of the bright and the duller

Each as important as one another,

Because without one, you don’t feel the other

No light without the dark,

The dark is needed to ignite the spark

So embrace all the colours of emotion,

And allow yourself to flow as the ocean.

This Game we call Life

Select a husband of wife,

Reproduce or don’t, life won’t halt

It continues to thrive it’s not our fault

Striving for purpose is our main aim,

Or bleeding for the other illusion of fame

But we miss the point, it’s a little lame

The point of living and really being here

Not just another year,

Or career,

Or beer,

But to go beyond fear and really appear

But for you, not for them

Remember you are the stem

From the game if you run or hide,

Be sure you’ll be sleeping outside

This game doesn’t favour the weak,

Mentally or physically, it’s a little peak

Some end up with fortune,

Some with a weak immune

But don’t blame the game,

Remember it’s given you a name

And a domain,

Called life

And who knows when this game we call life

Comes to an end,

Maybe on the other side waiting is an afterlife-

that we can attend.

The Fear to Begin

Are you seeking to begin a new venture? 

Something you hope to succeed in, that’ll take you towards the life you desire?

But the thought of starting something new and unknown is making you fearful to really begin it? 

What’s stopping you is simply the fear itself, to begin. Until self-awareness becomes second nature to you, and the self-confidence to begin is gained through the defeat of fear, it’s difficult to begin the venture towards your desired life.

The fear to begin a personal venture within the unknown, is a fear known by all at some point.

Fear of the unknown is a fear we can all resonate with, at varying intensities. But it’s when this fear integrates into our day-to-day living, the problem begins to emerge. The fear of beginning a new career, the fear of leaving an unconscious relationship, the fear of journeying to unknown places, down to the fear of joining a new fitness class – all of which are common examples of fears felt by us all. But opportunities are missed when fear is too big a hurdle for some to overcome. This remains true until they reach beyond fear.

Fear is the ultimate damager of potential. Not only does fear claim its victims by paralysing potential within a person, but it hits pause on their desires and dreams until it is conquered.

People can find great comfort in certainty and familiarity, but we mustn’t forget that no single individual accomplished any of their desires sitting in the known, without venturing into the unknown. The known is comfortable but stagnant and stationary, it is here where we settle. But we must learn to embrace movement, because with movement comes momentum, which entices our personal growth and in turn, uncovers the potential we have within us.

We must become self-aware of fears existence, before it can be successfully banished. Through analysis of the self, we can gain clarity on where our fear stems from. Such analysis can be carried out using,

The awareness-analysis approach

This approach is the ultimate free tool to hack the speed of our growth. Such approach consists of three key techniques, all of which can be carried out using only a pen and notepad.

We’ve all heard some benefits of the techniques listed below, but like we hear the benefits of drinking 2L of water a day – most of us ignore such recommendations and don’t place focus on them in our day-to-day. Make a pact with yourself to begin, before I elaborate on them.

1. Journal techniques

To journal is to release and to never repeat. 

Journalling will enable you to release emotion (positive and negative). Writing to yourself is as useful as a conversation with people, it will allow you to gain a birds eye view on your emotions from an outer perspective. You can then become the observer of your mind – the initial step to self-awareness. Ensure you are ENTIRELY transparent, we all know we can be our own worst liars (a coping mechanism to convince ourselves that we are okay – but holds no use!). Through reviewing past journal extracts, we start noticing our fear triggers and patterns.

The self-awareness gained through this is a skill!

Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor of the ‘five good emperors’ and stoic philosopher, utilised journalling in 120 AD to rule an empire in an age of relative peace and stability for the Romans, whilst truly living out his philosophy. Such journalling led to his revolutionary novel Meditations, a collection of his thoughts on life and stoic beliefs – all of which began with journalling.

It is really a life hack to bettering ourselves… start now to benefit the future you.

2. Meditative techniques 

For a long time I’ve tried to integrate various meditative habits into my morning and nightly rituals, with all failing in consistency – which really is the main ingredient for all to become a ‘successful’ meditator. Really it’s just sticking it out and setting aside the 5, 10, 30 minutes every day without fail. Once the practice becomes habitual, it’ll no longer become something you have to ‘stick out’, and instead something detrimental to your day, if not completed. 

What took my practice to the next step, and turned meditation into an essential for me,

Insight Timer

An app full of incredible features,

  • Thousands of REAL, world-class meditation teachers
  • Guided meditations
  • Global insightful music 
  • Long and short meditation courses
  • Timers
  • Categories for all meditators – performance, sleep, anxiety, health, spiritual etc  
  • Motivational speakers

But don’t forget that meditation can be just as mind altering in silence, particularly around nature. Spotify is another great tool for meditation, many host this app within their mobile devices already, and with countless inspirational songs to fuel your practice, you can’t go wrong.

A song that found itself at my No.1 played because of its over-use in my meditations is Savaa Sol, Bouncing Clouds – this one hits different.

Don’t stop trying to turn meditation into a habit, you will discover a fit for you, everyone can benefit from it.

3. Perspective techniques 

Utilise those around you who are close, their perspectives can provide some insight into the origin of your fear. People forget they are surrounded by unlimited, free guidance in their friends, family, partners, colleagues, teachers, mentors etc. All of which can provide a useful insight into your patterns and behaviour – gaining various perspectives heightens your self-awareness. But remember the most important guidance comes from the intuition within you. Talk to yourself, internally or externally, to gain ultimate self-awareness. 

Using The awareness-analysis approach you will gain an external outlook on yourself. Becoming the observer of your mind will benefit all aspects of your life, it creates a snowball effect – benefiting relationships, careers, finances, well-being and so on. Using all three techniques in the Awareness-analysis approach you will acquire two things – self-awareness and self-confidence.

Self-awareness is self-power. Once you’ve harnessed awareness, both the bad and the good, you can tap into your own source of power, power fuelled by wisdom of the self and motivation for bettering the self. Being aware of you, all of your traits, will enable you to release your potential by developing yourself. When we decide to truly personally develop, we ALL have the ability to succeed in accomplishing any of our desires.

Confidence is the antidote to fear. Beyond the fear we feel, is unlimited confidence – confidence within the self. Once fear is out-smarted by being self-aware, confidence can then be channelled from the awareness we have of ourself. You will gain belief in your abilities to succeed, and become fearless to begin your endeavour. The fear to begin is the pre-curser for the confidence to succeed.

Awaken your potential by killing your fear, using the weapons of self-awareness and self-confidence.

The conquering of your desires and dreams starts with beginning.


Fear is the ultimate damager of potential. 

Opportunities are missed when fear is too big a hurdle for some to overcome.

The unknown lives in the future.

Self-analysis is the ultimate free tool to hack the speed of our growth.

Self-awareness is self-power. 

Confidence is the antidote to fear. 

Awaken your potential by killing your fear, using the weapons of self-awareness and self-confidence.

The fear to begin is the pre-curser for the confidence to succeed. 

The conquering of your desires and dreams starts with beginning.


After writing 8 unfinished blogs over a 5 month span, I felt this topic needed exposure, after feeling in full force myself – The Fear to Begin.